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“I am now very eagerly working on an electrodynamics of moving bodies, which promises to become a capital paper.”

Albert Einstein in a letter to Mileva Maric, December 17, 1901


The private, non-commercial Internet platform “Albert Einstein in the World Wide Web” ( has been online since January 2000 and provides information about the life and work of Albert Einstein.

The website was created by Hans-Josef Küpper (author) with the help of the Microsoft program FrontPage. Over the years, the website has been constantly updated and expanded. The website is bilingual, German and English. It has been hosted from the beginning by the Internet service provider STRATO AG.

1 Homepage of “Albert Einstein in the World Wide Web”, January 2000

Since its creation in the year 2000, the website contains a personal dedication:

“Even though I am aware that this is uncommon, I wish to devote this website

in the World Wide Web

to my ten-year old son Alexander.

To him and his generation belongs the future, and I am of the firm opinion that there is still
much to expect from this future!

Hans-Josef Küpper, Cologne, January 2, 2000″

Today, after 23 years, several million people worldwide (over 13 million sessions) have informed themselves on the website about the great scientist and man Albert Einstein.

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Now it was time to redesign, update, expand, and modernize the website. This also includes a change in the navigation structure. The new web site is created with WordPress (content management system) and runs on all common desktop and mobile devices.

3 Homepage of “Albert Einstein in the World Wide Web”, June 2022

The website “Albert Einstein in the World Wide Web” with the top-level domain .de is HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encrypted. This current encryption method serves to secure the data of the respective visitor.

In connection with the redesign of the website, also a new logo and a new QR code were created.

4 Logo
5 QR code

Through the website “Albert Einstein in the World Wide Web”, the author has received hundreds of questions about the life and work of Albert Einstein over the years. It was or is particularly pleasing that a large part of the questions is asked by young people.

“Epilogue of” Albert Einstein:

“Princeton, May 4, 1936

Dear future generations!

If you will not become more just, more peaceful, and anyway more

reasonable than we are or have been, the devil shall get you. …”

The original message was written in German.

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